Our customers frequently comment on how quick and gentle we have made the tooth extraction process. We take great care in the removal of problem teeth, and know that the surgery itself is only part of the solution. The other and sometimes more important part of a tooth extraction is how you feel afterwards. If you are in severe pain after your surgery you may have to take additional pain medication which leaves you feeling groggy, you may not be able to return to work as quickly as you are required to, you simply cant manage your normal day to day activities if you still have excessive pain. We understand this and take every possible precaution and every extra step to get you over your oral surgery and back to your regular self.

Our Extraction Services Include:

•Single Tooth extraction

•Multiple teeth extractions

•Wisdom teeth removal

•Orthodontic e x s

We have different types of sedation available such as IV, oral, and nitrous oxide gas. We want your experience before, during, and after surgery to be as smooth and painless as possible.